easy-cooler "magnum four" concrete

easy-cooler "magnum four" concrete
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  • EC-808
Product information "easy-cooler "magnum four" concrete"
useable for:: mainly for keeping white wine cold
shipping time: within 10 working days (2 weeks)
design type: single row
content for: up to 4 bottles mit 11,5 cm diameter
dimension inside: 41,5 x 11,5 x 24,0 cm (magnum)
dimension outside:: 45,5 x 20,5 x 27,0 cm (magnum)
cooling time for white wine: up to 5 hours at about 8° C
Shipping by: UPS international
accessoiries included: 1 acryl window, 1 easy-cooler thermal bag, 1 inox cooling element, 2 Liebherr freeze accumulators
capacity for the cooling element: 2 freeze accumulators or 2,5 kg ice cubes
material: high quality wooden decor with structure combinated with inox components
packaging variants: in carton, in wooden box
cooling time for red wine: up to 16 hours at about 16° C
weight: 14 kg in carton (ten,five), 17 kg in wooden box (ten,five)
measure of packaging: 50 x 32 x 32 cm (ten)
manufactured in: Austria & Germany
customs tariff number: 8418 5019
how is it cooled: inox cooling element filled with ice cubes or accumulators (electricity independent)
color: grey
easy-cooler "five" red easy-cooler "five" red Art.-Nr: EC-506
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easy-cooler "ten" concrete easy-cooler "ten" concrete Art.-Nr: EC-108
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easy-cooler "ten" inox easy-cooler "ten" inox Art.-Nr: EC-100
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- 30
easy-cooler "ten" inox second hand easy-cooler "ten" inox second hand Art.-Nr: EC-100.30
€298.00 * €208.60 *
easy-cooler "magnum two" concrete easy-cooler "magnum two" concrete Art.-Nr: EC-208
€208.00 *
easy-cooler "port" black easy-cooler "port" black Art.-Nr: EC-602.30
€279.00 *
easy-cooler "jumbo" new oak easy-cooler "jumbo" new oak Art.-Nr: EC-7051
€338.00 *
easy-cooler "magnum four" inox easy-cooler "magnum four" inox Art.-Nr: EC-800
€339.00 *
easy-cooler "magnum four" new oak easy-cooler "magnum four" new oak Art.-Nr: EC-851
€328.00 *
easy-cooler "cooling set" four easy-cooler "cooling set" four Art.-Nr: AC-903
€47.80 *
easy-cooler "magnum four" vinewood easy-cooler "magnum four" vinewood Art.-Nr: EC-803
€289.00 *
easy-cooler "magnum four" black easy-cooler "magnum four" black Art.-Nr: EC-802
€289.00 *
easy-cooler "three" vinewood easy-cooler "three" vinewood Art.-Nr: EC-303
€198.00 *
easy-cooler "five" concrete easy-cooler "five" concrete Art.-Nr: EC-508
€279.00 *
easy-cooler "five" inox easy-cooler "five" inox Art.-Nr: EC-500
€329.00 *