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easy-cooler® "five" black 2. choice easy-cooler® "five" black 2. choice Art.-Nr: EC-502.20
this 2. choice model has small imperceptible flaws. Like new and fully functional! useable for: mainly for white wine but also red wine cooling time for white wine: up to 6 hours at about 8° C cooling time for red wine: up to 12 hours at...
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easy-cooler® "five" white (sale) easy-cooler® "five" white (sale) Art.-Nr: EC-501.10
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easy-cooler® "ten" new oak (second choice) easy-cooler® "ten" new oak (second choice) Art.-Nr: EC-151.20
material: oak solid wood with stainless steel components useable for: mainly for red wine but also short time cooling for white wine cooling time for redwine: up to 16 hours at about 16° C cooling time for whitewine: up to 5 hours at...
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