Tips for winemakers

Where was the last event where you presented a glass of red wine too warm?

At most wine tastings the room temperature is due to the amount of visitors very high and according to that, the wines are much too warm.
Where was the last time, that you had problems with the cooling system of the wine

easy-cooler® is an appliance independent from electricity and independent from a temper appliance

Here some advantages especially for winemakers of easy-cooler® :

  • Take advantage of the visibility - place the easy-cooler® facing the wine tasters!
  • perfect applicable at fairs and presentations at wineries - room temperatures at fairs are in most caseds very high
  • easy-cooler® is above all a perfect selling utensil for your wine specialities
  • use the visibility for etiquette drinker
  • use the easy-cooler® as a disposition focus of your specialities
  • use the easy-cooler® when clients visit or during sales conversations in the gastronomy
  • use the easy-cooler® for wine tastings, presentations, and degustation menus withwith accompanying wines in the gastronomy
  • use the easy-cooler® for barbecues in the yard of your winery
  • perfect applicable for assistant trainings
  • ideal and device for events, caterings, and exhibitions
  • easy-cooler® is qualified for decanted wine - the use of thin carafes and push the hanging part at the back board

Specific tips for winemakers of white wine

easy-cooler® "ten" can be applied ideally for red as well as white wine.
Especially white wine needs to be properly cooled, that will give you the possibility to present your wine perfectly.
In the easy-cooler® a thermo effect arises and the temperature can be held up to 4 hours.
An circumstantial working process with ice cubes is from now on over. The etiquettes stay undamaged and they don't chip of the bottles.