Tips for Gastro

Where have you had the last time a glass of red wine served too warm?

In most Culinary Establishment the room temperatures are very high and according to that the red wine in the glaswise disposal too warm.
easy-cooler® is an appliance independent from electricity and independent from a temper appliance.

Here are some advantages of easy-cooler®, especially for Culinary Establishments:

  • Take advantage of the plus points of the visibility - put the easy-cooler® into a position with the viewing direction to the guest.
  • easy-cooler® is also a perfect selling utensil for associates with sommelier knowledge.
  • use the visibility for label drinkers
  • use the easy-cooler® as an open wine card of the day
  • place the easy-cooler® onto your service stations in the restaurant - bottle wise sold bottles need to be tempered- above all light red wine like Novello, Primus Carnuntum, light Zweigelt or Teroldego
  • optimal applicable for groups and related parties f.e. weddings, seminaries, business meetings, birthdays, etc.
  • place the easy-cooler® observably at the bar!
  • use the easy-cooler® for wine tastings, presentations or degustation menu with with accompanying wines
  • use the easy-cooler® for a wine buffet, at a grill party or in a courtyard dining   
  • perfect applicable for associates instructions
  • ideal and helpful utensil for events, caterings, and exhibitions 
  • temper the open red wine also over night in the wine fridge or in a cool room - remarkable waste reduction
  • easy-cooler® is perfectly qualified for decanted wine - use a thin decanter and a hanging part at the back