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Wine wonder in the leather manufactory

The wine miracle 2009 - a great event in the "Leather Factory" in Linz.

Wakolbinger´s wine wonder has established to one of the top wine event in Linz. Also this year more than 900 guests came. The extraordinary location, the big offer of parking places at the leather manufactory in Urfahr and mainly the personal presence of the winemakers where the super magnet of the whole event.

Regardless of which winery - Neumeister, Buchegger, Skoff, Hillinger, Heribert Bayer, Paul Kerschbaum etc., they where all there. Which better opportunity is there to try all these great wines of the Austrian elite or to have a personal little "small talk" with the winemakers.

At the evening one could shake a leg to hits from the 90s apart from retasting another glass of wine.