Drinking temperature

Perfect tempered wine

easy-cooler® brings the cellar- and the fridge drinking temperature to the glas of the wine lovers- you know it:

The pleasure of a good wine depends extremely on the right drinking temperature.

Only if the wine is served with the perfect temperature, the aroma, the finesse and the elegance can reach it's validity fully!!

To encounter the right drinking temperature in the gastronomy, at events or at wine tastings is not that easy. Mostly the room temperature is around 25°C or above and according to that the drinking temperature of the wine is higher.

Red wine should unconditionally be consumed between 15° C and 18° C.

In former times it was widely spreaded to enjoy the red wine at room temperature. This was 100 years ago, where the room temperature was in average around 17°C.

The rule says: The lighter the wine is  the more it has to be cooled and heavier the wine is the warmer it can be. - Even though white wine should never reach over 12°C and red wine over 18°C.

A wine thermometer helps to ascertain the right temperature. Try it out on yourself, and you will be surprised.

Wine experts and real sommeliers recommend:

White wine: drinking temperature between 7° C and 11° C.
Red wine: drinking temperature between 15° C and 18° C.

Drinking temperature of all wine.