• The operation of easy-cooler® is easy, uncomplicated and it helps you with your majority disposal of your glaswise wine choice. Technical problems are excluded!

  • The combination of display and tempered device will inspire your wine lovers!

  • assemble the cooling element of the deep-frozen accumulators or ice cubes and place the cooling system if needed in the middle part on the back board of the easy-cooler®.

  • operate your easy-cooler® exclusively with the cooling element - empty no ice cubes into the body housing! There may arise serious water damage!

  • opened wine should be placed in the first row - in the second row the same wine as a back-up.

  • white wines should always be pre-cooled

  • set red wines ideally already with 15 ° C

  • to keep up the spinning operation the reimbursing accumulators should always be frozen!

  • place the easy-cooler® with the window to the customer and get the advantage of visibility

  • The liquid of the accumulators have to be unconditionally troughly frozen. When you shake it you shouldn't be able to hear the cooling liquid. Freeze-in-time about 12 hours in the freezer at - 21° C.

  • ensure that the reserve battery always frozen for the rolling exchange.

  • If you work with ice cubes, just fill them into the cooling element at your cooling joice

  • your easy-cooler® should always be filled with bottles, otherwise the cooling and the thermo effect will be lost too fast.

  • an operation is only possible with a sight window!

  • avoid direct solarisation!!

  • make sure that the felt pads are attached at the floor of the stainless steel models. Otherwise, the cooler can scratch on the storage surface - we recommend always to place your cooler on a tablecloth!

  • Clean the stainless steel parts with Inox Care Products - we recommend Chromol® from Ecolab

  • to clean the Decor material a commercial furniture polish is best suited

  • the windows are best cleaned with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.

  • Avoid a rough sponge or cloth when cleaning the viewing window - this may scratch the acrylic glass

simply cooled! either with frozen accumulators or with ice cubes

cooling element with frozen accumulators
Setting the cooling element with accumulators into easy-cooler
cooling element with ice cubes
Close the lid of the cooling element
Setting the cooling element with ice cubes into easy-cooler

Drinking temperature

diagram for red wines
diagram for white wines

The data of the serving temperature according to the diagrams are guideline values and differ only slightly at different room temperatures.

Freezer accumulators must be frozen to ensure optimal cooling!