easy-cooler "six" for 6 Bottles

easy-cooler® has the same function as easy-cooler® "ten" and is perfect use for 6 bottles of red or white wine.

easy-cooler® "six" was specially developed for wine tastings, events and perfect brand presentations.

The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel or decor material and is available in a variety of colors.

easy-cooler® six is mainly to control the temperature of red wine but also suitable for short-term cooling of white wine!

easy-cooler® "six" is available in 16 attractive designs.

the favorites

are hand made of high quality decor material or stainless steel.

This easy-cooler® will set your wine in focus of your guests or clients.

EC 600
easy-cooler "six" inox
EC 601
easy-cooler "six" white
EC 602
easy-cooler "six" black
EC 603
easy-cooler "six" vinewood
EC 604
easy-cooler "six" burgundy
EC 605
easy-cooler "six" green
EC 606
easy-cooler "six" red
EC 607
easy-cooler "six" creme
EC 608
easy-cooler "six" concrete

the cheerful

are made of quality wood decor.

For those who want colorful we offer easy-cooler® "six" in cheerful pastel colors.

Especially our easy-cooler® "rosé was added for rosé wine lovers in our assortment.

Active selling lives from visibility - when do you have your next event? You can surprise your customers?

Wein Temperatur
EC 680
easy-cooler "six" rosé
Wein temperieren
EC 681
easy-cooler "six" orange
Wein temperieren
EC 682
easy-cooler "six" lime
Wein Temperatur
EC 683
easy-cooler "six" azur
easy-cooler Weintemperiergerät
EC 684
easy-cooler® "six" sun

the noble

are hand made of high quality solid wood. Especially for wine lovers of wines fermented in barrels is this model a fantastic wine cooler.

This easy-cooler® will set your wine in focus of your guests or clients.

EC 650
easy-cooler "six"
old oak
EC 651
easy-cooler "six"
new oak
Characteristics easy-cooler "six"

useable for: mainly for red wine but also white wine
cooling time for red wine:
up to 12 hours at about 16° C
cooling time for white wine:
up to 3 hours at about 8° C
you can cool with:
ice cubes or two accumulators
dimension outside:
28,5 x 26,5,0 x 26,5 (W x H x D)
dimension inside for wine: 25,0 x 18,5 x 26,5 (WxHxD)
material: high-quality ground and polished stainless steel or wooden decor
weight: ca. 15 kg
content: suitable for 6 bottles 0,75 lt up to 9 cm diameter
included accessoiries: 2 windows, 1 cooling element, 2 accumulators, 1 thermal bag
perfectly suited for: serving wine by the glass and wine tastings
package: optionally in carton or wooden box
manufactured in: Austria & Bavaria