easy-cooler products overview

easy-cooler "classic ten"

easy-cooler® "classic ten" was launched in 2004 and is the first easy-cooler® we have brought to market.
The compact stainless steel body and a viewing window on the front is very popular by winemakers.

available in stainless steel

easy-cooler "ten"

easy-cooler® "ten" is the further developed version of the  easy-cooler® "classic ten" model and is also perfectly suited for ten bottles of red or white wine.

easy-cooler "five"

easy-cooler® "five" is optimally suited for white wine tastings.  Thanks to the small interior space, white wine can be cooled for up to eight hours. 

easy-cooler "vinothek"

easy-cooler® "vinothek" finds an optimal use for white wine and red wine presentation. There is space for 10 bottles side by side in this model for fantastic visibility.

Available in black

Wine cooling

easy-cooler "six"

easy-cooler® "six" has the same function as easy-cooler® "ten" and is for 6 bottles red or white wine perfect use.

easy-cooler "three"

easy-cooler® "three" was designed as a tabletop cooler for selling wine by the bottle at restaurants. 

The optimal drinking temperature and perfect visibility ensure better sales in line with the motto: "Waiter, another bottle, please."

easy-cooler "magnum"

easy-cooler® "magnum" was designed as a tabletop cooler for wine lovers of large bottles. Especially premium wines are often bottled in magnum bottles.
Ideal for use at wine fairs or in restaurants.

easy-cooler "magnum" is also a noble wine accessory for winelovers at home!