easy-cooler "five" for 5 bottles

easy-cooler® "five" finds optimal use mainly for white wine but also for red wine.

This cooler keeps the temperature up to 16 hours by the smaller space inside.
The white wine should be already set cold in the easy-cooler®.

In the cooling element you can insert, if needed one or two deep-frozen accumulators. We recommend to work with two accumulators or ice cubes in an environment with very high temperatures.

Tip: red wine can be tempered with one cold pack or with ice cubes at 15 ° - especially in the summer time it tastes much better!

the favorites

are hand made with stainless steel or high quality wood decor.

This easy-cooler® will set your wine in focus of your guests or clients.

EC 500
easy-cooler "five" inox
EC 501
easy-cooler "five" white
EC 502
easy-cooler "five" black
EC 503
easy-cooler "five" vinewood
EC 504
easy-cooler "five" burgundy
EC 505
easy-cooler "five" green
EC 506
easy-cooler "five" red
EC 507
easy-cooler "five" creme
EC 508
easy-cooler "five" concrete

the cheerful

are made of high quality wood decor.

For those who want colorful we offer easy-cooler® "five" in cheerful pastel colors.

Especially our easy-cooler® "rosé was added for Rosé wine lovers in our assortment.

Active selling of Rosé lives of visibility - when do you have your next event? You can surprise your customers?

easy-cooler Weintemperiergerät
EC 580
easy-cooler "five" rosé
easy-cooler Weintemperiergerät
EC 581
easy-cooler "five" orange
easy-cooler Weintemperiergerät
EC 582
easy-cooler "five" lime
easy-cooler Weintemperiergerät
EC 583
easy-cooler "five" azur
easy-cooler Weintemperiergerät
EC 584
easy-cooler "five" sun

the noble

are hand made of high quality solid wood. Especially for wine lovers of wines fermented in barrels is this model a fantastic wine cooler.

This easy-cooler® will set your wine in focus of your guests or clients.

EC 550
easy-cooler "five" old oak
EC 551
easy-cooler "five" new oak

the limited

our limited edition models are available while supplies last.

We are very happy if you will find a favorite modell for your active wine selling!

EC 530
easy-cooler "five" olive
made of high quality decor wood
Characteristics easy-cooler "five"

useable for: mainly for white wine but also red wine
cooling time for white wine:
up to 6 hours at about 8° C
cooling time for red wine:
up to 12 hours at about 16° C
you can cool with:
ice cubes or two accumulators
dimension outside:
46,5 x 18,0 x 26,5 (W x H x D)
dimension inside for wine: 41,5 x 9,0 x 24,0 (WxHxD)
material: high-quality ground and polished Nirosta stainless steel or wooden decor
weight: ca. 15 kg
content: suitable for 5 bottles 0,75 lt up to 9 cm diameter
included accessoiries: 1 window, 1 cooling element, 4 accumulators, 1 thermal bag
perfectly suited for: serving wine by the glass and wine tastings
package: optionally in carton or wooden box
manufactured in: Austria & Bavaria