Wine and storage

wine prefer to be stored in the right way!

Just like natural stimulants, wine also needs to be stored and matured in the ideal conditions. The longer the wine can mature, the better the aromas, the finesse, and the harmony can develop.

To reach the peek of pleasure and taste in terms of wine, the temperature, air humidity, and silence are deciding.

Not all kinds of wine are predestined to be stored. Young, fresh and fruity wine prefer to be consumed as soon as possible. The more ingredients, essence and tannins, the longer this precious drop should be able to maturate. 

Here you can find some guide lines for the perfect storage:

  • Wine doesn't like temperature variability's - ideally are temperatures between 10  and 14°C  
  • high quality grape juice prefers an air humidity between 60% and 70%
  • Wine should be stored in the cellar - strange smell due to other products should not get in touch with wine 
  • a bit fresh air is good
  • bright light should be avoided!
  • delicious drops prefer to be stored in lying position - that's how you can avoid a drying-out of the cork.