May 2010: Nobel wine tasting around the world

We organize a tasting with top wines from around the world.

Here the wine series:

Don Melchor 1998 von Concha y Toro - Chile:
great Cabernet with many aromas of mint, eucalyptus, dark chocolate. The wine is firm and tasty! Don Melchor belongs to la league of Casa Real, Sena, Capo Hornos und Almaviva. Thank goodness their are still 5 bottles stored in the cellar!

Ornellaia 1990 - Italy:
and again is Ornellaia is a stunner. The wine offers everything that makes fun. Fine fruit, soft tannins, earthy aromas, fine sweet and bitter finish. Not unavailingly wine experts have often evaluated Ornellaia as one of the best wine of Italy.

Rioja Gran Reserva 1998 "Gold Edition" Baron de Ley - Spain:
a Rioja just the way it should be. No bulky wine, but a fine, soft, and vanilla one. A classy exponent of it's region. Baron de Ley is well known for clear structured and perfect wine.

Bin 389 2002 von Penfold - Australia:
It is considered to be a small grange. Of course is it missing towards the grange the mighty and big class. Bin 389 is in it's category a great Shiraz. Great aromas of cranberries makes the wine so special that you can't resist on having another glas

Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 1988 - France:
If you savour good wine, there is a classic that must be included - a classy Bordeaux. Ducru presents itself after opening as very heavy- nearly undrawable. But then after an hour the wine fully spreads it's wings. Aromatique and classy Bordeaux stylistic. Those who don't know Bordeaux don't taste the pleasure of it's richness. Those who know the wine can enjoy Bordeaux with all it's facet's and aromas!

Catena Zappata 2001 von Bodega Catena - Argentina:
Catena Zappata belongs to the most impressive and best producers in Argentina. This wine combines the former world with modern stylistic. On the one hand side it has a touch of Bordeaux - and on the other hand side the sweetness of wines from the new world. A great wine with allot of fruity sweetness and aroma.