May 2011: Greetings from the Palatinate!

The Palatinate is well known for it's great Riesling – that's where we have to go!

Due to an advice about wine, we are invoiced to make a trip to the Palatine. Supposedly there should be qualities of the Riesling wine that one could compare with the best worldwide.

We searched for a hotel close to Deidesheim and off we go to the one wine tasting after the other. We are inspired – we get to know wine with fineness and a great soft acidity. 

We cycle trough the wine gardens of the best locations of Pechstein, Forster Ungeheuer and Kirchenstück.

What really has to be a part of the journey is a visit at the Deidesheimer court for a Pfälzer Saumagen. Here you find  a wine card with  numerous winemakers from the region

Dr. Bürklin Wolf, winemaker Weegmüller, economics council Rebholz, winemaker Schneider, Dr. from Bassermann Jordan  and many more, great winemakers present how to grow and harvest fine white win. The qualities are exceptional. 

Not only are we amazed by the wines. Moreover the marvellous region, the villages and the friendly people. As Austrians we are welcomed and we are happy happy about that.

Unfortunately our stay was too short – we will be back!