easy-cooler® "ten" picnic

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  • EC-154
material: wooden decor with alcantara and inox components useable for:  mainly... more
Product information "easy-cooler® "ten" picnic"

material: wooden decor with alcantara and inox components
useable for: 
mainly for red wine but also white wine
cooling time for redwine:
 up to 12 hours at about 16° C
cooling time for whitewine: 
up to 3 hours at about 8° C
you can cool with: 
ice cubes or two accumulators
dimension outside:
 48,0 x 26,5 x 26,5 (W x H x D)
dimension inside for wine: 41,5 x 17,0 x 24,0 (WxHxD)
material: high-quality leather, solid wood and stainless steel components
weight: ca. 15 kg inclusiv accessories
content: suitable for 10 bottles 0,75 lt up to 9 cm diameter
included accessoiries: 2 window, 1 cooling element, 2 accumulators, 1 thermal bag
perfectly suited for: serving wine by the glass and wine tastings 
package: optionally in carton or wooden box
manufactured in: Austria & Bavaria

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