in operation at the open wine glass bar

Red wines for the glas wine bar with perfect drinking temperature was our basic idea.

Most red wines at the bar or in the pub are placed with absolut wrong drinking termperatur.

It is proved that the serving temperature for red wine is between 13 ° and at most 16 ° C. Aromas unfold better, acid and tannins do not occur so strongly and the alcohol does not come so highly to the aromatic.

In the end your client drinks one more glas of red wine and this affects enormously in the additional sale.

a perfect example for your wine bar
EC 5002 easy-cooler "vinothek" black

in operation at wine events

easy-cooler is a perfect tool for wine tasting. It is almost impossible to supply the cooling with electricity for several hundred winemakers.

We offer a simple solution without electricity. easy-cooler can be operated with frozen accumulators or with ice cubes and the wines are always at an ideal tasting temperature.

The red wines not too warm and the white wines not too cold. This is how it should be so that the flavor is best expressed when tasting.

Mundus Vini Prowein
Mundus Vini Prowein
Mundus Vini Prowein

in operation at a restaurant for active wine selling

We always observe that in most cases the bottle wine sale is organized by the side tables or sideboards in the restaurant.

easy-cooler is perfect for handling. Use the visibility and the cold hold of white wine or the temperature of red wine.

In addition, easy-cooler not only maintains the drinking temperature in a simple way, but also promotes the additional sale of mineral water or other beverages.

The service area always remains dry and clean. The guests and the service staff always have a perfect overview of the bottles of wine ordered - under the motto "please one more bottle!"


you can keep decanted high-quality premium white wine or red wines on temperature with a slender carafe without to get too warm!