Logo engraving "ten" footer 12cm

Logo engraving "ten" footer 12cm
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  • AC-960
Would you like to place your brand on the viewing window? - no problem. We offer a high-quality... more
Product information "Logo engraving "ten" footer 12cm"

Would you like to place your brand on the viewing window? - no problem.

We offer a high-quality transparent logo engraving on the viewing window at the top placed in the middle.

here you will find the dimensions:

maximum length: 12 cm
maximum height: 10 cm

We ask for your understanding that we have automated the ordering process and therefore do not offer any processing and samples to release the production. If the data is printable, your order will be automatically produced by our advertising agency.

technical requirement of the graphic file:

Recommended programs: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw

Lines must be defined or vectorized, the prerequisite for this is a .eps or .pdf file - Logo must not be a .jpg file!

Please send us your logo to the following email address:


We assume no responsibility in the case of non-printable logos! For non-printable but already paid logos, there is "money back"

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